RouterOS 7.13 [stable] がリリース。



記事を書いている時点で先週のことになりますが、RouterOS 7.13がリリースされました。



お知らせ – RouterOSバージョン7.13より、RouterOSワイヤレスパッケージに大幅な変更が加えられました。これは、ハードウェアドライバにより多くのディスクスペースを必要とする新製品開発のために行われたもので、新製品と並行して旧製品を維持するために分割する必要がありました。さらに多くのワイヤレスパッケージが登場する予定です。

1.check-for-updates” を使ってアップグレードする場合、7.12 より前のバージョンはすべて 7.12 が利用可能な最新バージョンとして表示されます。v7.12からv7.13またはそれ以降のバージョンへのアップグレードは、ワイヤレスパッケージを自動的に変換するために、7.12を通して行う必要があります。Netinstallを使用した新規インストール、または手動でのパッケージインストールは、通常と同じように動作します。


3.既存の “wifiwave2 “パッケージは個別のパッケージに分割されました:「wifi-qcomwifi-qcom-ac に分割され、WiFi管理に必要なユーティリティがRouterOSバンドルに含まれるようになりました。RouterOSと wifi-qcom-ac パッケージは16MBのフラッシュメモリに収まるようになりました。


!) package - convert "wireless" and "wifi" packages automatically, if upgrading from v7.12;
!) wifi - split existing "wifiwave2" package into separate packages "wifi-qcom", "wifi-qcom-ac", and include required utilities for WiFi management into bundle;
!) wireless - separate "wireless" package from bundle and build as a standalone package;
*) bridge - added automatic "path-cost" values depending on interface rate;
*) bridge - added bridge interface property "port-cost-mode" with "short" and "long" arguments;
*) bridge - fixed bogus VLAN entries from wifi when vlan-filtering is not enabled;
*) bridge - improved HW offload enable;
*) bridge - improved host flush when removing VLAN on HW offloaded bridge;
*) bth - added "VPN Prefer Relay Code" option;
*) bth - improved automatic firewall rule generation process;
*) certificate - add support for multiple DNS names for Let's Encrypt;
*) certificate - added HTTP redirect support for CRL download;
*) certificate - added support for certificates with key size 16384;
*) certificate - fixed CRL updating;
*) certificate - fixed certificate auto renewal via SCEP when certificate contains "subject-alt-name";
*) certificate - improved CRL signature verification and download error messages;
*) certificate - improved initial certificate creation using SCEP;
*) certificate - use error topic for CRL update failures;
*) cloud - improved re-connect speed after network related connection errors;
*) console - added ":grep" command;
*) console - added ":onerror" command;
*) console - added ":serialize" and ":deserialize" commands for converting values to/from JSON;
*) console - added "interface" name when printing "interface/pppoe-server" entries;
*) console - added "read" command under "file" menu;
*) console - added "where" functionality for "export" command;
*) console - added flags to "print" command with "value-list";
*) console - added interface helper for "gateway" property under "ip/route" menu;
*) console - added unset option for "ssid-regex" and "allow-signal-out-of-range" properties under "interface/wifi/access-list" menu;
*) console - clear console history when resetting configuration;
*) console - disallow setting existing "name" under "system/script" and "system/scheduler" menus;
*) console - fixed "export" boolean arguments when saving output to file using API;
*) console - fixed "interface/ethernet/switch/port-isolation" export;
*) console - fixed "on-event" argument highlighting under "system/scheduler" menu;
*) console - fixed graphic distortions in WinBox;
*) console - fixed issue where API incorrectly asks for missing arguments;
*) console - fixed printing to file using API;
*) console - ignore negative values for ":delay" command;
*) console - improved flag printing in certain menus;
*) console - improved stability when running "tool/ping" from API;
*) console - removed "route-cache" setting from "ip/settings" menu;
*) console - replace reserved characters in file and script names with underscores;
*) console - resolve "wifiwave2" directory to "wifi";
*) console - show "l2vpn-link" address family under "routing/route" menu;
*) console - use more compact login screen for empty branding;
*) defconf - expire password when reverting configuration;
*) defconf - fixed bogus wifi password on certain Audience devices;
*) defconf - fixed configuration for Audience with "wifi-qcom-ac" package;
*) defconf - fixed wireless band and channel-width selection (introduced in v7.12);
*) defconf - hide default configuration for users without "sensitive" policy;
*) defconf - improved wifi interface detection after upgrade;
*) defconf - updated configuration with new "wifi" directory;
*) defconf - use "WISP Bridge" default configuration mode for RBGrooveGA-52HPacn device;
*) defconf - use "fan-min-speed-percent=25" for CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+ device;
*) defconf - use device factory preset credentials when using CAPs mode;
*) defconf - use one SSID and enable FT when using "wifi" packages;
*) disk - fixed hang on reboot when network file systems mounted;
*) ethernet - improved packet CPU core classifier for Alpine CPUs for non IPv4/IPv6 traffic;
*) ethernet - improved system stability for L009 and hAP ax lite devices;
*) fetch - added "http-auth-scheme" parameter, allows to select HTTP basic or digest authentication;
*) fetch - added "http-content-encoding" setting;
*) fetch - added raw logging;
*) fetch - allow to receive HTTP response headers;
*) fetch - require "ftp" user policy;
*) firewall - added "nat-pmp" support;
*) firewall - added new IPv6 filter arguments "icmp-err-src-routing-header" and "icmp-headers-too-long" for "reject-with" setting;
*) firewall - do not mark all IPv6 GRE packets as invalid;
*) firewall - fixed IPv6 address-list timeout;
*) firewall - fixed altered address-list when upgrading from RouterOS v6;
*) firewall - fixed connections being tracked when tracking is disabled;
*) firewall - removed "prohibited" and "unreachable" IPv4 address-type arguments;
*) ftp - improved upload and download speeds;
*) health - dynamically add and remove invalid sensors (e.g. sfp-temperature);
*) hotspot - fixed incorrect host moving to VLAN 0 when receiving packets through bridge;
*) ike2 - fixed ike2 double reply;
*) iot - fixed incorrect LoRa ACK packet handling during downlink messaging (introduced in v7.12);
*) ipv6 - do not send out IPv6 RA deprecate message for re-used prefix;
*) isis - added IS-IS protocol support (CLI only);
*) l3hw - fixed routing for IPsec encapsulated packets;
*) leds - fixed LED indication in multi-APN setup for Chateau;
*) leds - improved LED indication during modem registration state for Chateau;
*) log - added "fetch" topic;
*) lora - added CUPs protocol support;
*) lora - fixed issue with lost LoRa configuration when rebooting the device;
*) lte - added RNDIS support for neoway N75-EA modem;
*) lte - added support for FOTA firmware upgrade from custom URL for R11eL-FG621-EA;
*) lte - disabled IMS service for Chateau 5G on A1 HR network;
*) lte - fixed rare cases where Chateau 5G in passthrough mode may stop forwarding packets;
*) lte - improved SIM slot status change notification handling for MBIM modems;
*) lte - replaced "passthrough-subnet-selection" with "passthrough-subnet-size" setting (CLI only);
*) lte - show each CA band in a new line;
*) mipsbe - improved system stability when removing USB devices;
*) mmips - properly mount and unmount USB devices;
*) modem - added option to read SMS using MBIM interface;
*) mpls - added "te-tunnel" property for VPLS monitor (CLI only);
*) mpls - fixed IPv6 RSVP-TE;
*) mpls - improved logging;
*) netinstall-cli - added more details to help messages;
*) ospf - fixed LSA Type3 advertisement for OSPFv2;
*) ospf - fixed missing OSPF interface on L2TP interface reconnect;
*) ospf - fixed missing opaque bit in opaque LSA;
*) ovpn - improved memory allocation during key-renegotiation;
*) ovpn - removed "ping-timer-rem" option from client config file;
*) package - added warning log about missing "wireless" or "wifi" package;
*) pimsm - improved elected BSR change;
*) poe-out - improved firmware upgrade stability for AF/AT controlled boards;
*) ppc - fixed RouterOS bootup (introduced in v7.12);
*) ppp - added remote-ipv6-prefix to IPv6 firewall address-list if "address-list" property is provided;
*) ppp - allow at-chat and info commands in "waiting for packets" state for modems with shared data/info channel;
*) ppp - improved IPv6 link-local address uniqueness;
*) pppoe-server - fixed connection count limit per license level;
*) profiler - improved "disk" and "supout.rif" classifiers;
*) qos-hw - added initial congestion avoidance support for 98DX224S, 98DX226S, and 98DX3236 switch chips (CLI only);
*) qsfp - added support for QSFP-to-SFP adapters;
*) qsfp - fixed supported rates for breakout cables (introduced in v7.12);
*) quickset - show DDNS name as VPN address for devices with new style serial number;
*) route-filter - improved performance;
*) sfp - added "1G-baseT" link mode for modules that supports "2.5G-baseT" mode;
*) sfp - allow 2.5G rates only in forced link mode;
*) sfp - fixed link establishment with S+DA0001 DAC cables;
*) sfp - ignore irrelevant extended compliance code for SFP modules;
*) sfp - improved SFP interface handling for 98DX224S, 98DX226S, 98DX3236, 98DX8208, and 98DX8216 switch chips;
*) sfp - improved link establishment for SFP copper modules;
*) sfp - improved link establishment with certain modules for hEX S device;
*) sfp - show 10M and 100M supported rates for RJ45 copper modules;
*) ssh - added cipher and hash function acceleration for ARM64 and x86 architectures;
*) ssh - fix error that caused large chunks of text not being pasted in their entirety into console;
*) supout - added VXLAN FDB section;
*) supout - added multiple WiFi sections;
*) switch - fixed service VLAN tagged IP multicast packets for 98DX8208, 98DX8216, 98DX8212, 98DX8332, 98DX3257, 98DX4310, 98DX8525, 98DX3255 switches;
*) system - added "rtrace" debugging tool (CLI only);
*) system - improved incoming and outgoing TCP connection performance;
*) system - improved internal process communication performance;
*) traffic-generator - improved system stability when modifying interfaces;
*) usb - added support for RTL8152 USB ethernet on ARM, ARM64 and x86;
*) vpls - improved performance when decapsulating data;
*) vrf - fixed ICMP reply lookup;
*) webfig - allow to display comments in multiline or compact modes;
*) webfig - make table headers always visible;
*) webfig - use local storage for user preferences;
*) wifi - added "flat-snoop" tool for surveying WiFi APs and stations (CLI only);
*) wifi - added "radio-mac" variable for "name-format" provisioning setting;
*) wifi - added "remove" command in "capsman/remote-cap" menu;
*) wifi - after radar detections, avoid selection of channels not permitted by the user;
*) wifi - changed CAPsMAN generated certificate common name;
*) wifi - create first interface without number when using "name-format" provisioning setting;
*) wifi - enable protected interworking ANQP responses;
*) wifi - fixed EAP authentication failures when the Session-Timout RADIUS attribute is defined;
*) wifi - fixed occasional failures to start on 20/40mhz-eC channels for 2.4GHz 802.11ax interfaces;
*) wifi - fixed overridden datapath settings on CAP when unsetting from CAPsMAN;
*) wifi - improved CAPsMAN stability during provisioning;
*) wifi - make slave APs use datapath bridge settings inherited from master by default;
*) wifi - removed "openflow-switch" setting;
*) wifi-qcom - added fast-path for received packets;
*) winbox - added "Hw. Offload" property under "IP/Firewall/Filter" menu;
*) winbox - added "Ping" button under "IP/DHCP Server/Leases" menu;
*) winbox - added "Tx bps" and "Rx bps" monitor values under "WiFi/Registration" menu;
*) winbox - added "none" argument for "Preshared Key" under "WireGuard/Peers" menu;
*) winbox - added icon to entries under "WiFi/Access List" menu;
*) winbox - added missing "qos-classifier" argument for "Hw. Caps" under "WiFi/Radios" menu;
*) winbox - added missing arguments for "MAC Format" under "Wireless/Security Profiles/RADIUS" menu;
*) winbox - allow opening entries under "WiFi/Registration" menu;
*) winbox - fixed default "Name Format" property under "WiFi/Provisioning" menu;
*) winbox - fixed minor typo under "Routing/BFD" menu;
*) winbox - improved connection speed;
*) winbox - updated "wireless" and "wifi" menus;
*) wireless - fixed "wlan1" default name for RBSXTsqG-5acD and RBLDFG-5acD;
*) wireless - fixed snooper information gathering from re-assocation requests;
*) wireless - keep configuration after manual package removal;



  • 最初に書いたとおり、肥大化した無線LANパッケージが分割されたこと
    • ただこれにより、Winboxのメニューの表示が若干おかしいような気もしますが・・・
  • IS-ISに対応したこと
  • NAT-PMPに対応したこと
  • Discordで指摘を受けたのですが、SFP関連の実装がリファクタリングされて規格に厳密になったのか、安定性の修正が多いこと