RouterOS 6.37.4 [bugfix] が公開になっています。


RouterOS currentブランチがアップデートするのに合わせて、bugfixブランチもアップデートしていました。


What's new in 6.37.4 (2017-Jan-13 06:52):

*) bonding - fixed "tx-drop" on VLAN over bonding on x86;
*) certificates - added year cap (invalid-after date will not exceed year 2039);
*) certificates - fixed crash when crl is removed while it is being fetched;
*) certificates - fixed fail on import from CAPs when both key and name already exist;
*) crs - added comment ability in more switch menus;
*) dhcpv6-client - fixed DHCPv6 rebind on startup;
*) dhcpv6-server - fixed server removal crash if static binding was present;
*) dns - fixed typo in regexp error message;
*) dude - (changes here:; 
*) export - updated default values to clean up export compact;
*) fan - improved RPM monitor on CCR1009;
*) firewall - do not defragment packets which are marked with "notrack" in raw firewall;
*) firewall - fixed "time" option by recognizing weekday properly (introduced in v6.37.2); 
*) firewall - fixed dynamic raw rule behaviour;
*) firewall - fixed rule activation if "time" option is used and no other active rules are present;
*) firewall - nat action "netmap" now requires to-addresses to be specified; 
*) health - report fan speed for RB800 and RB1100 when 3-pin fan is being used;
*) hotspot - fixed nat rule port setting in "hs-unauth-to" chain by changing it from "dst-port" to "src-port" on Walled Garden ip "return" rules;
*) ipsec - fixed kernel failure on tile with sha256 when hardware encryption is not being used;
*) ipv6 - added warning about having interface MTU less than minimal IPv6 packet fragment (1280);
*) ipv6 - moved empty IPv6 pool error message to error topic;
*) led - fixed dark mode for cAP 2nD (;
*) license - fixed demo license expiration after installation on x86;
*) log - improved firewall log messages when NAT has changed only connection ports;
*) lte - increased delay when setting sms send mode;
*) metarouter - fixed startup process (introduced in 6.37.2);
*) ppp - fixed packet size calculation when MRRU is set (was 2 bytes bigger than MTU allows);
*) ppp - significantly improved shutdown speed on servers with many active tunnels;
*) ppp - significantly improved tunnel termination process on servers with many active tunnels;
*) profile - added "bfd" and "remote-access" processes;
*) profile - added ability to monitor cpu usage per core;
*) profile - make profile work on mmips devices;
*) profile - properly classify "wireless" processes;
*) proxy - fixed "max-cache-object-size" export;
*) proxy - speed-up almost empty disk cache clean-up;
*) queue - fixed "time" option by recognizing weekday properly (introduced in v6.37.2);
*) quickset - various small changes;
*) rb750Gr3 - fixed ipsec with 3des+md5 to work on this board;
*) rb751u - fixed ethernet LEDs;
*) snmp - always report bonding speed as speed from first bonding slave; 
*) snmp - fixed rare crash when incorrectly formatted packet was received;
*) ssh - fixed high memory consumption when transferring file over ssh tunnel;
*) switch - fix BPDU dynamic Host table entry on Atheros Gigabit switch chips;
*) time - updated time zones;
*) traceroute - fixed memory leak;
*) trafficgen - fixed compact export when "header-stack" includes tcp;
*) vlan - allow to add multiple VLANs which name starts with same number and has same length;
*) vrrp - do not show unrelated log warning messages about version mismatch;
*) watchdog - do not send supout file if "auto-send-supout" is disabled;
*) webfig - added extra protection against XSS exploits;
*) webfig - show properly interface last-link-up/down times;
*) webfig - show properly large BGP AS numbers;
*) winbox - added "Complete" flag to arp table;
*) winbox - added "make-static" to IPv6 DHCP server bindings;
*) winbox - added "prefix-pool" to DHCPv6 server binding;
*) winbox - added upstream flag to IGMP proxy interfaces;
*) winbox - allow to enable/disable traffic flow targets;
*) winbox - allow to specify "connection-bytes" & "connection-rate" for any protocol in “/ip firewall” rules;
*) winbox - allow to specify "sip-timeout" under ip firewall service-ports;
*) winbox - do not allow to set "loop-protect-send-interval" to 0s;
*) winbox - do not create empty rates.vht-basic/supported-mcs if not specified in CAPsMAN;
*) winbox - fixed crash when legacy Winbox version was used;
*) winbox - fixed default values for interface "loop-protect-disable-time" and "loop-protect-send-interval";
*) winbox - fixed missing "IPv6/Settings" menu;
*) winbox - fixed typo in "propagate-ttl" setting;
*) winbox - properly show VHT basic and supported rates in CAPsMAN;
*) winbox - show all related HT tab settings in 2GHz-g/n mode;
*) winbox - show dynamic IPv6 pools properly;
*) winbox - show errors on IPv6 addresses;
*) winbox - show proper ipv6 connection timeout;
*) winbox - specify metric for “/ip dns cache-used” setting;
*) wireless - fixed full "spectral-history" header print on AP modes;
*) wireless - fixed upgrade from older wireless packages when AP interface had empty SSID;
*) wireless - show comment on "security-profile" if it is set;



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