SwOS 1.15が公開になりました

2016-04-28 11:23Blog,Info


SwOS version 1.15 released


What's new in 1.15:

*) new poe-out sw version 2.18 - fix unintended poe-out state change;
*) new poe-out sw version 2.15 - increase initial power-on delay 1s->4s;
*) report correct uptime in neighbour discovery even after 18 hours;
*) report correct ifAdminStatus via SNMP;
*) report SNMP ifOperStatus Up for SFP port only when link is present;
*) extended SNMP contact info fields to 32 symbols;
*) added IVL option (independent learning) to VLAN entries;
*) report negative temperature properly;
*) report tx/rx power for SFP interface;
*) name can be assigned to each port;


なお、Internet Explorer11ではSFP情報の閲覧ができない問題が発生しています。こちらについてはMikrotikに報告済みです。