RouterOS 6.37.5 [bugfix] が公開になりました。



What's new in 6.37.5 (2017-Mar-09 11:54):

!) www - fixed http server vulnerability;
*) chr - fixed problem when transmit speed was reduced by interface queues;
*) dhcp - do not listen on IPv4/IPv6 client to IPv6 MLD packets;
*) dude - (changes discussed here:;
*) export - do not show "read-only" IRQ entries;
*) filesystem - implemented procedures to verify and restore internal file structure integrity upon upgrading;
*) firewall - do not allow to set "time" parameter to 0s for "limit" option;
*) firewall - fixed import of exported configuration that had updated "limit" setting;
*) graphing - fixed graphing crash when high amount of traffic is processed;
*) hotspot - fixed rare kernel crash on multicore systems;
*) hotspot - fixed redirect to URL where escape characters are used (requires newly generated HTML files);
*) hotspot - show Host table commentaries also in Active tab and vice versa;
*) interface - do not treat multiple zeros as single zero on name comparison;
*) irq - properly detect all IRQ entries;
*) l2tp-client - fixed IPSec policy generation after reboot;
*) lcd - show fan2 speed only if it is available;
*) leds - fixed defaults for RBSXT5HacD2nr2;
*) mmips - improved general stability;
*) rb3011 - fixed noise from buzzer after silent boot;
*) switch - fixed crash when trying to configure second master port on the same chipset (RB3011, RB2011, CCR1009-8G-1S+);
*) userman - allow access to User Manager users page only through "/user" URL;
*) userman - show warning when no users are selected for CSV file generation;
*) winbox - added "add-relay-info" and "relay-info-remote-id" to DHCP relay;
*) winbox - added H flag to "/ip arp" ;
*) winbox - added missing "use-fan2" and "active-fan2" to "/system health";
*) winbox - allow shorten bytes to k,M,G in bridge firewall just like in “/ip firewall”;
*) winbox - do not hide "power-cycle-after" option;
*) winbox - do not hide 00:00:00:00:00:00 MAC address in unpublished ARPs;
*) winbox - fixed matching "connection-state=untracked" connections;
*) winbox - fixed typo in “/system resources pci” list;
*) winbox - hide advertise tab in Hotspot user profile configuration if "transparent-proxy" is not enabled;
*) winbox - make "power-cycle-after" show correct value;
*) winbox - make "power-cycle-interval" not to depend on "power-cycle-ping-enabled" in PoE settings;
*) winbox - properly show BGP communities in routing filters table filter;
*) wireless - fixed scan tool stuck in background;
*) wireless - improved compatibility with Intel 2200BG wireless card;
*) wireless - update Thailand country frequency settings;