RouterOS 6.42.11 [long-term]がリリースされました。

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!) telnet - do not allow to set "tracefile" parameter;

*) capsman - fixed "group-key-update" parameter not using correct units;
*) certificate - properly flush old CRLs when changing store location;
*) console - properly remove system note after configuration reset;
*) dhcpv6-server - properly handle DHCP requests that include prefix hint;
*) discovery - fixed malformed neighbor information for routers that has incomplete IPv6 configuration;
*) discovery - fixed neighbor discovery for PPP interfaces;
*) export - fixed "silent-boot" compact export;
*) gps - added "coordinate-format" parameter;
*) interface - improved system stability when including/excluding a list to itself;
*) kidcontrol - do not allow users with "read" policy to pause and resume kids;
*) led - fixed default LED configuration for RBMetalG-52SHPacn;
*) log - properly handle long echo messages;
*) lte - added support for more ZTE MF90 modems;
*) lte - disallow setting LTE interface as passthrough target;
*) package - use bundled package by default if standalone packages are installed as well;
*) resource - fixed "total-memory" reporting on ARM devices;
*) snmp - added "tx-ccq" ("mtxrWlStatTxCCQ") and "rx-ccq" ("mtxrWlStatRxCCQ") values;
*) snmp - do not initialise interface traps on bootup if they are not enabled;
*) switch - fixed MAC learning when disabling interfaces on devices with Atheros8327 and QCA8337 switch chips;
*) system - fixed situation when all configuration was not properly loaded on bootup;
*) timezone - fixed "Europe/Dublin" time zone;
*) upgrade - automatically uninstall standalone package if already installed in bundle;
*) webfig - do not show bogus VHT field in wireless interface advanced mode;
*) winbox - allow to change VHT rates when 5ghz-n/ac band is used;
*) winbox - renamed "Radius" to "RADIUS";
*) winbox - show "Switch" menu on RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD and RB4011iGS+;
*) wireless - added new "installation" parameter to specify router's location;
*) wireless - improved stability for 802.11ac;
*) wireless - improvements in wireless frequency selection;

DHCPv6 Serverのprefixの取り扱いについて正しく処理できるようになった、や、discoveryにおいてIPv6で正常な処理ができていなかったことについての修正、などが行われています。




無線LAN周りについても、802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5)の動作の改善や、無線LANの周波数選択動作の改善などが盛り込まれています。

少なくとも筆者環境で、RB2011およびRB960PGSに適用してみましたが、boot loopなどの問題は発生していません。


v6.42.11 [long-term] is released! - MikroTik