RouterOS 6.46.3 [stable] & Winbox 3.21 がリリースされました。

2020-02-07 14:21Blog

RouterOS 6.46.3 [stable]




*) hotspot - fixed redirect to log in page (introduced in v6.45);
*) lora - added "ru-864-mid" channel plan;
*) lora - improved immediate packet delivery;
*) lte - added GPS port support for Quectel EP06 modem;
*) lte - added "psc" (Primary Scrambling Code) parameter for "cell-monitor" function on R11e-LTE6 and R11e-LTE;
*) lte - do not show invalid "phy-cellid" when it is not yet received on "R11e-LTE";
*) lte - do not show unrelated info parameters after network mode failover;
*) port - fixed multiple identical USB serial device detection (introduced in v6.46);
*) ppp - fixed connection establishment when receiving "" DNS;
*) snmp - fixed "ifOperStatus" reporting for combo ports;
*) winbox - removed duplicate "counter", "chain", "size" and "payload" parameters under "LoRa/Traffic";



*) added support for HiDPI displays;
*) download WinBox specific files from router only into AppData folder and not anywhere else (CVE-2020-5720);
*) enabled Drag and Drop support on 64-bit WinBox in Wine;
*) font size can be increased/decreased under "Settings/Zoom In" or "Zoom Out";
*) improved MikroTik signature checking on WinBox update;

If you experience version related issues, then please report them to [email protected]

Both Winbox 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available here:

Instructions on running Winbox 64-bit on MacOS Catalina are available here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=152795&p=754980#p754824 If you try to upgrade directly from Winbox loader and version is not available, then you might need to wait for a while until cache in path between your device and our servers is refreshed.



ちなみに、Winbox 3.21とRouterOS 6.47beta35からの組み合わせでWinboxのアイコンが変更になっています。