RouterOS 6.30.4(bugfix) が公開されました。




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What's new in 6.30.4 (Aug.25.15-12:59:46)

*) bridge fastpath - fixed updating bridge FDB on receive (could cause TX traffic flooding on all bridge ports)
*) bonding fastpath - fixed possible crash when bonding master was also a bridge port
*) user-manager - fixed zoom for user-manager homepage when mobile devices used
*) tool fetch - don't trim [t]ftp leading slashes
*) conntrack - fixed problem with manual connection removal
*) winbox - restrict change dynamic interface fields
*) romon - fixed crash on SACKed tx segments
*) route - fixed crash on removing route that was aggregated;
*) ipsec - fixed crash in when gcm encryption was used
*) ipsec - allow to set peer address as "::/0"
*) ipsec - fixed empty sa-src address on acquire in tun mode
*) ipsec - show proposal info in export ipsec section
*) ipsec - preserve port wildcard when generating policy without port override
*) ipsec - fix replay window, was accidently disabled since version 6.30;

What's new in 6.30.3 (2015-Jul-24 08:06):

factory-only release