RouterOS 6.34.5 [bugfix]が公開になりました。




Version 6.34.5 has been released in bugfix channel.

You can see changes since previous bugfix version (6.32.4) by looking through changelog starting from 6.33 and up to 6.34.5.
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Changes since 6.34.4 version: What's new in 6.34.5 (2016-May-27 11:52): *) dude - ( ... _changelog); *) dude - in order to connect to dude server user requires dude policy to be enabled; *) bonding - do not corrupt bonding statistics on configuration changes; *) bonding - fixed crash when vlan parent mtu is higher than bonding mtu; *) cloud - do not write minor status changes to storage; *) ethernet - do not allow mtu to be higher than l2mtu and l2mtu to be higher than max-l2mtu (reduce automatically on upgrade if it was wrong before); *) ipsec - better flush on proposal change; *) ipsec - fixed crash on policy update; *) log - fixed reboot log messages; *) lte - do not allow to set multiple modes when it is not supported; *) queue - fixed interface queue type for ovpn tunnels; *) rb3011 - fixed port flapping on ether6-ether10; *) rb3011 - fixed time keeping; *) switch - fixed compact export; *) tile - fixed performance regression on switch chip (introduced in 6.33rc18); *) winbox - show voltage in Health only if there actually is voltage monitor; *) wireless - fixed issue when CAPsMAN could lock CAPs interface;




(1082) v6.34.5 [bugfix] is released! – MikroTik RouterOS