RouterOS 6.36.3 [current] が公開になりました。


(1) v6.36.3 [current] is released! – MikroTik RouterOS via kwout



What's new in 6.36.3 (2016-Sep-05 08:09):

*) arp - fixed crash that caused Ethernet frames to go out via wrong interface;
*) fastpath - fixed kernel crash on interface disable/remove;
*) fetch - fixed bug with incomplete files in https mode;
*) ipsec - don't log authtype mismatch as critical;
*) ipsec - fixed xauth parameter printing in terminal;
*) pppoe - fixed kernel crash caused by dial-on-demand when used with fastpath;
*) pppoe - fixed master interface l2mtu check, could result in assumption that master interface can handle 14 byte bigger packet than it actually can (broken in 6.36);
*) simple queues - fixed issue which caused additional/unnecessary CPU load;
*) vlan - do not allow to add new vlan interface with mtu higher than l2mtu;
*) tile - fixed rare kernel crash when usb device is being attached;

If you experience version related issues, then please send supout file from your router to [email protected]. File must be generated while router is not working as suspected or after crash.

ipsecおよびpppoe周りの修正が主なようです。またtileなCCRについてもまたしてもKernel crashを含む修正が行われたようです。


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