RouterOS 6.40.4 [bugfix] が公開になりました。





What's new in 6.40.6 (2018-Feb-20 11:04):

*) btest - fixed TCP test accuracy when low TX/RX rates are used;
*) certificate - do not use UTF-8 for SCEP challenge password;
*) certificate - fixed PKCS#10 version;
*) chr - generate new system ID on first boot;
*) crs317 - fixed reliability on FAN controller;
*) defconf - fixed DISC Lite5 LED default configuration;
*) dhcpv4-server - fixed framed and classless route received from RADIUS server;
*) disk - fixed disk detach process;
*) dude - fixed e-mail notifications when default port is not used;
*) export - fixed "/system routerboard mode-button" compact export;
*) filesystem - implemented additional system integrity checks on reboots;
*) firewall - limited maximum "address-list-timeout" value to “35w3d13h13m56s”;
*) hotspot - fixed "dst-port" to require valid "protocol" in "walled-garden ip";
*) hotspot - fixed Walled Garden IP functionality when address-list is used;
*) ike1 - fixed crash on XAUTH if user does not exist;
*) ike1 - fixed memory corruption when IPv6 is used;
*) ike1 - improved stability on phase1 rekeying;
*) ike2 - added support for multiple split networks;
*) ike2 - delay rekeyed peer outbound SA installation;
*) ike2 - improve half-open connection handling;
*) ike2 - kill connection when peer changes address;
*) ike2 - use peer configuration address when available on empty TSi;
*) ipsec - fixed incorrect esp proposal key size usage;
*) ipsec - properly update IPsec secret for IPIP/EoIP/GRE dynamic peer;
*) l2tp - improved reliability on packet processing in FastPath;
*) netinstall - improved LTE package description;
*) netinstall - properly generate skins folder when branding package is installed;
*) ovpn - fixed resource leak on systems with high CPU usage;
*) ovpn-server - do not periodically change automatically generated server MAC address;
*) ppp - do not disconnect active PPP connection after "idle-timeout";
*) ppp - do not lose "/ppp profile" script configuration after other profile parameters are edited;
*) ppp - fixed "change-mss" functionality when MSS is not set on forwarded packets;
*) ppp - fixed L2TP and PPTP encryption negotiation process on configuration changes;
*) pppoe-client - properly re-establish MLPPP session when one of the lines stopped transmitting packets;
*) quickset - do not automatically change mode to CPE;
*) quickset - renamed router IP static DNS name to "router.lan";
*) route - fixed DHCP/PPP “add-default-route” “distance” minimal value to 1;
*) route - improved reliability on routing table update;
*) routerboard - properly report warnings under "/system routerboard" menu;
*) scheduler - properly display long scheduler configuration;
*) sfp - improved SFP module compatibility;
*) sms - fixed minor problem for SMS delivery;
*) snmp - added IPv6 addresses support on default "public" community;
*) snmp - fixed bulk requests when non-repeaters are used;
*) snmp - fixed consecutive OID bulk get from the same table;
*) traceroute - fixed "/tool traceroute" results print;
*) traffic-flow - do not count single extra packet per each flow;
*) webfig - added support for proper default policies when adding script or scheduler job;
*) webfig - fixed backup loading from Webfig on RouterBOARD running default configuration;
*) webfig - fixed bridge port sorting order by name;
*) webfig - fixed MAC address ordering;
*) webfig - fixed router getting reset to default configuration;
*) webfig - fixed column ordering;
*) winbox - allow to specify "to-ports" for "action=masquerade";
*) wireless - fixed wireless protocol mode restrictions if lockpack is installed and has limits for it;
*) wireless - removed unused monitor command from CLI;
*) wireless - updated "Australia", "Czech Republic", "UK 5.8 Fixed" and "United Kingdom" regulatory domain information;



また、このバージョンにもsnmpのbulk request対応がようやく入りました。Zabbixなどsnmpで監視を行っている場合は動作が改善する可能性があります。




筆者の環境で適用してみましたが、今のところboot loopに陥るような症状は発生していません。

v6.40.6 [bugfix] is released!