RouterOS 6.40.7 [bugfix] がリリースされました。


本日からドイツ・BerlinでMUM EU 2018が開催されてたりしますが、そちらの件は別記事で取り上げるとして、昨日RouterOS 6.40.7 [bugfix]がリリースされました。



What's new in 6.40.7 (2018-Mar-29 13:29):

!) smb - fixed buffer overflow vulnerability, everyone using this feature is urged to upgrade;
*) console - do not allow variables that start with digit to be referenced without "$" sign;
*) led - fixed unused "link-act-led" LED trigger on RBLHG 2nD, RBLHG 2nD-XL and RBSXTsq 2nD;
*) netinstall - sign Netinstall executable with an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate;
*) romon - make "secret" field sensitive in console;
*) tr069-client - fixed TR069 service becoming unavailable when related service package is not installed;
*) winbox - fixed "/tool e-mail send" attachment behavior;
*) winbox - fixed maximal ID for Traffic Generator stream;
*) winbox - made UDP local and remote TX size parameter optional in Bandwidth Test tool;
*) winbox - removed "Enable" and "Disable" buttons from IPsec "mode-config" list;
*) winbox - show "D" flag under "/ip dhcp-client" menu;
*) winbox - use proper graph name for HDD graphs;
*) wireless - enable all chains by default on devices without external antennas after configuration reset;

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