RouterOS 6.42.3 [current]が公開になりました。




RouterOS version 6.42.3 has been released in public "current" channel!

Before an upgrade:
1) Remember to make backup/export files before an upgrade and save them on another storage device;
2) Make sure the device will not lose power during upgrade process;
3) Device has enough free storage space for all RouterOS packages to be downloaded.

What's new in 6.42.3 (2018-May-24 09:20):

*) lte - fixed automatic LTE band selection for R11e-LTE;
*) wireless - improved client "channel-width" detection;
*) wireless - improved Nv2 PtMP performance;
*) wireless - increased stability on hAP ac^2 and cAP ac with legacy data rates;

To upgrade, click "Check for updates" at /system package in your RouterOS configuration interface, or head to our download page:

If you experience version related issues, then please send supout file from your router to [email protected]. File must be generated while router is not working as suspected or after some problem has appeared on device


公式フォーラムを確認しましたが、以前から続いていたhAP acとhAP ac^2のスループットが低い件について一応の効果がみられたらしく、以前よりもスループットが出ていることが報告されています。ただ、ポイントツーポイントではまだスループットが不足している、という報告もあるようなので、もう少し修正が続いていくと思われます。



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