RouterOS 6.45.6 [stable]がリリース。




Important note!!!
Due to removal of compatibility with old version passwords in this version, downgrading to any version prior to v6.43 (v6.42.12 and older) will clear all user passwords and allow password-less authentication. Please secure your router after downgrading.
Old API authentication method will also no longer work, see documentation for new login procedure:

Manual:API - MikroTik Wiki
What's new in 6.45.6 (2019-Sep-10 09:06):

*) capsman - fixed regulatory domain information checking when doing background scan;
*) conntrack - improved system stability when using h323 helper (introduced in v6.45);
*) crs3xx - fixed "egress-rate" property on CRS309-1G-8S+, CRS312-4C+8XG, CRS326-24S+2Q+ devices;
*) qsfp - clear SFP monitoring data on port enable;
*) qsfp - correctly display SFP monitoring data;
*) qsfp - fixed EEPROM checksum validation;
*) qsfp - show more QSFP module diagnostics;
*) wireless - include last frequency when manually setting frequency step in "scan-list";



v6.45.6 [stable] is released! - MikroTik