RouterOS 6.41.4 [current] とWinbox 3.13 が公開になりました


昨日、RouterOSのcurrentブランチ、6.41.4が公開になりました。そして、合わせるようにWinbox 3.13も公開になっています。


RouterOS version 6.41.4 has been released in public "current" channel!

Before an upgrade:
1) Remember to make backup/export files before an upgrade and save them on another storage device;
2) Make sure the device will not lose power during upgrade process;
3) Device has enough free storage space for all RouterOS packages to be downloaded.

What's new in 6.41.4 (2018-Apr-05 12:23):

!) tile - improved overall system performance and stability ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
*) led - fixed unused "link-act-led" LED trigger on RBLHG 2nD, RBLHG 2nD-XL and RBSXTsq 2nD;
*) led - removed unused "link-act-led" trigger for devices which does not use it;
*) netinstall - sign Netinstall executable with an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate;
*) poe - do not show "poe-out-current" on devices which can not determine it;
*) poe - hide PoE related properties on interfaces which does not provide power output;
*) winbox - made UDP local and remote TX size parameters optional in Bandwidth Test tool;
*) winbox - show dual SIM options only for RouterBOARDs which does have two SIM slots;
*) winbox - use proper graph name for HDD graphs;
*) wireless - enable all chains by default on devices without external antennas after configuration reset;

To upgrade, click "Check for updates" at /system package in your RouterOS configuration interface, or head to our download page:

If you experience version related issues, then please send supout file from your router to [email protected]. File must be generated while router is not working as suspected or after some problem has appeared on device

Please keep this forum topic strictly related to this concrete RouterOS release.

動作に関わるところとしては、tile搭載機器でのパフォーマンスと安定性の向上になるでしょうか。”/system routerboard upgrade“が必要になるので注意してください。



Winbox 3.13は以下の通り。

What's new in v3.13:

*) abandoned support for connecting to older RouterOS versions (older than v6), no DLLs will ever be downloaded;
*) winbox.exe is now signed executable;

If you experience version related issues, then please report them to [email protected].

RouterOS v6未満のRouterboardと接続する際にも、DLLの読み込みを行わないようになりました。



ただ、公式フォーラムを見てみた限りでは、hAP AC^2などでのパフォーマンスの問題、hEX PoEでhw-offloadを有効にするとパフォーマンスが出ない、などが報告されています。


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