RouterOS 6.43.4 [stable] がリリースされました。

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What's new in 6.43.4 (2018-Oct-17 06:37):

Changes in this release:

*) bridge - do not learn untagged frames when filtering only tagged packets;
*) bridge - fixed possible memory leak when VLAN filtering is used;
*) bridge - improved packet handling when hardware offloading is being disabled;
*) bridge - properly forward unicast DHCP messages when using DHCP Snooping with hardware offloading;
*) crs328 - improved link status update on disabled SFP+ interface when using DAC;
*) crs3xx - fixed possible memory leak when disabling bridge interface;
*) crs3xx - properly read "eeprom" data after different module inserted in disabled interface;
*) dhcpv4-server - use client MAC address for dual stack queue when "client-id" is not received;
*) dhcpv6-server - fixed dynamic binding addition on solicit when IA_PD does not contain prefix (introduced in v6.43);
*) dhcpv6-server - recreate DHCPv6 server binding if it is no longer within prefix pool when rebinding/renewing;
*) ipsec - allow multiple peers to the same address with different local-address (introduced in v6.43);
*) led - added "dark-mode" functionality for LHG and LDF series devices;
*) led - added "dark-mode" functionality for wsAP ac lite, RB951Ui-2nD, hAP and hAP ac lite devices;
*) led - fixed default LED configuration for SXT LTE kit devices;
*) led - fixed power LED turning on after reboot when "dark-mode" is used;
*) ntp - fixed possible NTP server stuck in "started" state;
*) romon - improved packet processing when MTU in path is lower than 1500;
*) routerboard - show "boot-os" option only on devices that have such feature;
*) traffic-flow - fixed post NAT port reporting;
*) w60g - added "frequency-list" setting;
*) w60g - added interface stats;
*) w60g - fixed interface LED status update on connection;
*) w60g - general stability and performance improvements;
*) w60g - improved stability for short distance links;
*) w60g - renamed "mcs" to "tx-mcs" and "phy-rate" to "tx-phy-rate";

What's new in 6.43.3 (2018-Oct-05 13:12):

(factory only release)

To upgrade, click "Check for updates" at /system package in your RouterOS configuration interface, or head to our download page:

If you experience version related issues, then please send supout file from your router to File must be generated while router is not working as suspected or after some problem has appeared on device


bridgeインターフェースについては、TAG付パケットの処理関連の不具合修正、VLANフィルタリングを使用時のメモリーリークする件についての修正、ハードウェアオフロード使用時のパケットの取り回しの修正、ハードウェアオフロード使用時のDHCP snoopingの取り扱いの修正、が主な内容です。







ただ、6.43になってから、iPhone XSでの無線LANの接続に問題が出ているという報告がフォーラムに見られます。こちらについては、サポートなどにも対応を依頼しているようですが、今回の更新内容に該当する項目は見られないので、根が深い問題になるかもしれません。(回避策としては802.11ac使用時に40MHz幅で使用すること、となっています)

WAP ac 5GHz issues with iPhone XS – MikroTik



v6.43.4 [stable] is released! – MikroTik