RouterOS 6.43.7[stable]がリリースされました。






What's new in 6.43.7 (2018-Nov-30 09:01):

!) upgrade - release channels renamed - "bugfix" to "long-term", "current" to "stable" and "release candidate" to "testing";
!) upgrade - "testing" release channel now can contain "beta" together with "release-candidate" versions;

Changes in this release:

*) bridge - properly disable dynamic CAP interfaces;
*) certificate - fixed "expires-after" parameter calculation;
*) certificate - fixed time zone adjustment for SCEP requests;
*) certificate - properly flush old CRLs when changing store location;
*) chr - fixed possible memory allocation failure when using multiple CPUs or interfaces on Xen installations;
*) crs328 - fixed SFP ports not reporting auto-negotiation status;
*) crs328 - improved link status update on disabled SFP and SFP+ interfaces;
*) defconf - automatically accept default configuration if reset done by holding button;
*) defconf - fixed default configuration loading on RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN;
*) discovery - fixed malformed neighbor information for routers that has incomplete IPv6 configuration;
*) discovery - fixed neighbor discovery for PPP interfaces;
*) discovery - properly use System ID for "software-id" value on CHR;
*) export - fixed "silent-boot" compact export;
*) health - fixed bad voltage readings on RB493G;
*) interface - improved system stability when including/excluding a list to itself;
*) ipsec - fixed hw-aead (H) flag presence under Installed SAs on startup;
*) ipsec - improved stability when uninstalling multiple SAs at once;
*) ipsec - properly handle peer profiles on downgrade;
*) ipsec - properly update warnings under peer menu;
*) kidcontrol - do not allow users with "read" policy to pause and resume kids;
*) log - properly handle long echo messages;
*) lte - added support for more ZTE MF90 modems;
*) ospf - improved stability while handling type-5 LSAs;
*) routerboard - renamed SIM slots to "a" and "b" on SXT LTE kit;
*) routerboard - show "boot-os" and "force-backup-booter" options only on devices that have such feature;
*) snmp - do not initialise interface traps on bootup if they are not enabled;
*) timezone - updated timezone information from tzdata2018g release;
*) traffic-flow - fixed post NAT port reporting;
*) traffic-flow - fixed "src-mac-address" and added "post-src-mac-address" fields;
*) tunnel - made "ipsec-secret" parameter sensitive;
*) usb - fixed power-reset for hAP ac^2 devices;
*) user - speed up first time login process after upgrade from version older than v6.43;
*) winbox - allow to specify SIM slot on LtAP mini;
*) winbox - enabled "fast-forward" by default when adding new bridge;
*) winbox - fixed neighbor discovery for IPv6 neighbors;
*) winbox - show "System/Health" only on boards that have health monitoring;



Interface discoveryでは、だいぶ前から使用できなくなっていたIPv6について、検出できるようになっていました。Winboxからneighborによる検索ができるようになっていると思います。




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  • hEX Sを使用している場合、VPNで速度が出ない(以前よりも遅くなる)
  • RB2011UIAS2HND でboot loopが発生した

という報告が出されています。 RB2011を使用している人は多いと思うので、バックアップならびに、すぐのアップデートは見合わせた方がいいかもしれません。